Adjustable creative standing desk

Happy = health + creativity

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Our Creative Combo

A motorized standing desk and dry erase glass top for a more healthy and creative work life.

The Doodle Kit

Comes in black and white. Markers included. Customizable for any desktop.

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The Standing Desk

Stand or sit, high or low, anytime. Fully motorized. Beautiful and durable.

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The Giraffe System

The Giraffe Desk and the Doodle Kit fits together perfectly like egg yolk and ...

The Doodle Kit

A creative surface for creative individuals

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The Giraffe Desk

Get high at work. Boss approved.

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We mean "business"! Learn about Giraffe for Businesses.

Are you looking to outfit your new office with multiple desks?

We offer FREE SHIPPING and INSTALLATION on orders of 10 or more. Giraffe are covered by a 5-year warranty.

Contact us per email or give us a call at (917) 935-0948 ! (we don't bite, we are herbivores).

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They trust us

Wise people said...
Doodling increases memory retention by 29%, relieves stress, sharpens focus, and keeps you in the present moment
- Harvard Medical School
Wise people said...
Sitting is the new smoking.
- The Guardian
Wise people said...
Our bodies were made to stand.
- Mashable
Wise people said...
If you stand for nothing what'll you fall for?
- Alexander Hamilton

So here is what you should tell your boss, colleagues & yourself

A healthy employee is a better employee

Which means your boss can save money on health insurance.

Doodling increases brain activity

We didn't find any evidence against this claim so far. In fact, there’s some science to support it!

Like joining a gym...
but better and cheaper

So...yeah. A cheap way to live a happier, healthier life. Not much more to say

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