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Modules designed to make your desk a happy, healthy and productive place.

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" Our bodies were made to stand. "


Burn calories by
standing not sitting

Your heart beats faster when you stand keeping your body active

Up your

Studies show that people who stand more at work report less tension

Live longer and
with less joint pain

Sitting is independently correlated with chronic disease and chronic pain

Like joining a gym...
but better and cheaper

So...yeah. A cheap way to live a happier, healthier life. Not much more to say

One decision that will make you happier. Immediately.

Just $2.15 / day

No long term commitment. No major upfront investment. Just a first step toward being happier.

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Your desk will arrive 5-7 business days after your order. We'll also help arrange for someone in our installer network to come by and assemble your desk.

Giraffe Desk Dimensions

Width: 48''
Depth: 30''

Height: 32'' - 45''
Weight: 110lbs
Max Load: +175lbs

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